Thursday, April 30, 2009

Types of drains

  • * Jackson-Pratt drain - This consists of a tube connected to a see through collection bulb. The bulb has a drainage port which can be opened to remove fluid or air so that the bulb can be squeezed to create suction. The drain should always stay below the area of the wound.
  • * Penrose drain
  • * Negative pressure wound therapy - Involves the use of enclosed foam and a suction device attached; this is one of the newer types of wound healing/drain devices which promotes faster tissue granulation, often used for large surgical/trauma/non-healing wounds.
  • * Redivac drain
  • * Pigtail drain - has an exterior screw to release the internal "pigtail" before it can be removed
  • * Davol
  • * Chest tube
  • * Wound manager

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