Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abdominoplasty Surgical Sculpture of the Abdomen - Introduction.

The abdomen or tummy comes in many different sizes and shapes. Time, gravity, weight loss, and pregnancies take their toll on our abdominal region. What we perceive as a "normal" stomach is influenced by television, magazines, art, and advertising.

Choosing your surgeon is very important. Not all surgeons offer the same methods of tummy tuck abdominal sculpture. There is much to learn about this surgery. This website is but an introduction to what we have to offer at Bermant Plastic Surgery. We take our patient's education, sculpture, after care, and comfort very seriously.

Bermant AbdominoplastyThe following pages have actual patients Dr. Bermant has operated on, their before, during, and after surgery photographs. Since his Tumescent Techniques have limited bruising, we can show images of very early results. Some may want to learn about the surgical details shown on other pages. Others may wish to avoid the actual in surgery graphic images. Read our patient's comments about Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Anesthesia.

The body is three dimensional. The excess sagging tissues can extend from the front, to the sides, and to the back. That is why Dr. Bermant includes so many pictures for each patient. Surgery can extend to treat these other areas or settle with a compromise transition zone from what was sculpted to what was left alone.

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