Thursday, April 9, 2009



  • Only one of 6 in the world, the only one in India
  • The fastest available treatment in the world treats one number (1 Dioptre) in 1.6 seconds
  • 3 Types of customized treatments
  • This laser technology saves over 40% of corneal tissue compared to other lasers
  • Only laser technology stated by US FDA to improve night vision and enhance contrast
  • The laser system most respected by LASIK surgeons today

Concerto Vs Other Lasers

Accuracy of treatment since we use the fastest laser - takes 1/5th the time that other lasers take for similar numbers hence better patient compliance

Precision, even if your eyes move during treatment- as this laser has the Fastest Eye Tracker, which tracks your eye at 500 times a second

Faster healing and visual recovery

Saves upto 40% corneal tissue as compared to most lasers hence able to treat higher numbers much safer.

Due to corneal savings we can treat patients which other centers cannot who otherwise on other lasers would have been left with a residual error (number)

Most lasers have between -5.00 D and -7.00D as their upper limit of treatment hence higher chances of residual errors in spite of LASIK with such older technology. Our upper limit is -14.00D with far more safety as compared to other lasers
Why Choose Us?

The first and only Eye Hospital in India certified by the American Joint Commission International [JCI]-the Gold Standard in healthcare, from JCAHO, USA

The only Referral Center in India for our technology

24 X 7 technical support from Germany

Engineer trained from Germany runs checks before every treatment, which ensures accurate results.

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