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Music, Dance And Your Sanity!

Music, Dance and Your Sanity

"To do science? To really do science? You don't live in the world," he says. "You live in an attitude." Gerald M. Edelman, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the Neurosciences Institute, La Jolla, California. Following this same concept, "In Real Estate and Business it's about Living in an Attitude!" Ted Borgeas, "From the Chicken Coop".

The benefits of music and dance during the decision making of buying or selling your home has extended as far back as Aristotle and Plato. Even Reigning Monarchs had court musicians and dancers, for their entertainment but possibly or the relaxing affects from their stresses of boredom? Well buying and selling a home sure doesn't have boredom but a lot of anxiety and even stress. With modern technology and the advent of television and the Internet combining visual, auditory and artistic qualities these medias have extended numerous benefits to our homes and businesses.

Applying music, dance, laughter and mirth to the buying and selling process of properties, has acquired critical acclaim because of scientific studies that can now measure some of the perceived health, stress and anxiety release attributes from music and dance.

One of the best definitions for science and probably for the home decision makers, I believe was a statement made by Gerald M. Edelman, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the Neurosciences Institute, La Jolla, California. He explained the difference between scientists and other people. "To do science? To really do science? You don't live in the world," he says. "You live in an attitude." Dr. Edelman's statement "You live in an attitude," can extend to every facet involving not only in science but our emotions, perceptions and responses of mind as related to the pressure of the multiple decisions and complexity of buying and selling your home. Of course with the right Attitude of Gratitude, especially with the right Real Estate Professional can contribute a lot of
pleasure and happiness. Responding to each emotion still encompasses an Attitude of Gratitude, which can be helped, developed and improved, as related to our need for sometimes, Heroic and
Daring humanistic actions to these emotions, yes especially when buying and selling your home or for that matter, including your family, finances, location and the magnitude of
other disclosures.

The Neurosciences Institute, during their research, has discovered a way to measure how the human brain processes intricate tones, presenting incredibly new insights into the effects of music. While there application may be directed towards disorders of hearing. I believe, future
studies will extend far beyond into the emotions involved for any home transactions. But don't let technology interfere with the Romance of the Home due your transcending enjoyment
of also listening your intuition.

Ted Borgeas uses the same concept, in addition to others,as Hospitals that are now utilizing the media of combining soothing music with associated pleasant and relaxing nature scenes on television, not only in the patient's rooms but also in the waiting and recovery areas, but instead at his office and while showing homes in person and on the internet. He can recall utilizing soothing music and encouraging and positive conversation regarding the patient's postoperative
responses to projected recovery during surgery in the operating room. He knew the positive subconscious interpretations by the patient while under anesthesia aided in they're perceived recovery and healing and applies the same principles to homebuyer and sellers.

"People are now using music to help them deal with sadness and fear." Dr. Anne Blood, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown Massachusetts. "We are now showing in our study that music is triggering systems in the brain that make them feel happy." What a startling revelation, especially since music lovers and people lovers have known this since eternity!

Our interpretation of applying dance and music to buying or selling a home may not include Aristotle's and Plato's ancient perceptions. But the concept of music and dance not only stimulates physical movement, either overt or imagined but it also affects our immunological system based on studies relating to music, laughter and humor.

Dancing is not only physical exercise, including footwork,rhythm, tempo, balance, control, showmanship and style but it also helps in transcending thought. Try dancing to any type of
fast tunes and think at the same time? It is especially beneficial, in times when we may have nasty unbeneficial feelings and thoughts or confusing perceptions about
properties. It is guaranteed to change you attitude; to a relaxed Attitude of Gratitude!

"I frequently perform solo dancing, yes, by your-self, utilizing various types of ethnic music with marvelous results". This author has utilized music, dance, laughter and mirth, in conquering his prostate cancer. This of course was in conjunction with the Physician's God inspired therapies! Try it? It works.

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Dr. Ted Borgeas is a 75 year old retired Foot Surgeon-Podiatrist who is a master of transcending through life transitions and piggybacking careers and attitudes to success.

He limits his coaching to Doctors and other professionals. Dr. Ted had been a Podiatric consultant inside a Federal Prison for 15 years and inside a state mental hospital for 7 years. How he uses Music, Dance and Meditation to help cure his cancer.

The author of 11 books. Keynote speaker and lecturer. Most business gurus will stress using "Other Peoples Money" But Dr. Ted believes and lives on the premise cultivate and enlighten "Other Peoples Youth" it nourishes your own youth.

Dr. Ted's mutiple careers include being a prominent Keynote speaker. A proponent of "It ain't Braggin' If you'ver done it" one of his books. His latest book is "Grandpa is a Giggle" How to turn Adversities into Adventures! 8 books are on amazon.com under Borgeas. Loves to hear from everybody and answers all mail.

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